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We love your pets.

We've turned dog preservation into a sweet science here at Hand over a photo of your dog, its name, and a DNA sample to us and we'll work our magic. Into the honey capsule, they go, locked away for potentially thousands of years. Like a message in a bottle, sailing the sea of time. The future might be unknown, but one thing is certain—your dog will be a part of it!

Our Services

Pup-ularity Package

Keep the memory of your dog's radiant smile alive for an eternity with our Pup-ularity Package. We preserve your dog's name and a photo in our specially crafted honey capsule. Affordable yet heartwarming, this is a wonderful way to ensure your dog's image lives on for future generations.

Ruff Royale Package

The Ruff Royale goes a step further to provide a comprehensive legacy of your pet. Along with all the features of the Pup-ularity Package, we include preservation of your dog's DNA. Perfect for those who want to preserve every aspect of their beloved pet's identity, this package keeps the possibility of your furry friend bounding around in the distant future alive.

Immortal Inu Package

Our most premium package, the Immortal Inu, captures the complete essence of your furry friend. Along with preserving your dog's photo, name, and DNA, we offer a beautifully crafted, personalized plaque with a heartfelt message about your pet. All these precious components are preserved in our finest honey capsule, creating a lasting tribute to your dog's life, ready to transcend the ages.!

Dogs are more than just pets; they are embodiments of pure love and devotion. They're loyal companions, steadfast protectors, and bringers of joyous chaos. They nudge us awake in the morning with wet noses, eagerly anticipating the adventures the day holds. Their unyielding enthusiasm, whether it's for a walk in the park or the simple act of fetching a ball, is contagious, pulling us into a world where worry subsides and happiness reigns. They offer comfort in our solitary moments and celebrate with us in our times of joy. The unconditional love a dog provides is a balm for the soul, their mere presence enough to lighten our darkest days. Every wag of their tail, every playful bark, every gentle nuzzle, they all whisper the same truth - you're their world. And in return, they become a special part of ours, their pawprints forever etched in our hearts. They may only be in our lives for a short while, but to us, they're irreplaceable, their memory living on long after their time with us has ended. That's the magic of dogs, and it's this beautiful bond we aim to preserve here at

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Featured Clients

Lisa & Daisy helped me preserve the memory of my dear Golden Retriever, Daisy. It's an invaluable service for anyone who wants to keep their pet's memory alive.

Mark & Max

I am so grateful for They have given me a way to ensure that Max, my loyal German Shepherd, will be remembered for generations to come.

Sarah & Bella

The team at was so understanding and compassionate when it came to preserving the legacy of my Poodle, Bella. This truly is a unique service.

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